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Can’t… stop… yawning…

By Colin Bielckus / 17th May 2018 / Comments Off on Can’t… stop… yawning…

I’d normally say that – for a bloke anyway – I’m not bad at multitasking. But, having just laid aside my fourth complicated assignment of today to write this blog, I cannot stop bl00dy yawning! It feels like I’m going to dislocate my jaw. The eyes are streaming and it feels like I’ve a couple of corks up my nostrils. S’life. Four tasks, all different and only one I was able to see to a conclusion although the final one I’ve put down to do this so it could be finished later but realistically it’s more likely to lead to some residual queries and another strange symbol on the to do list to signify “awaiting client”. Which, of course, I will forget what it means…

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I had a great title but the gerbil ate it

By Colin Bielckus / 26th April 2018 / Comments Off on I had a great title but the gerbil ate it

I lie but it is a good excuse – schooldays memories and dreadfully inept excuses for not having done homework…. I DID have a super title but that was this morning, now is now and I’m bu99ered if I can remember what it was. I put it down in part to: Age. Short-term memory is getting dismal at times. I used to laugh at my mother and some of the daft things she used to do. But I’m getting there. Especially when you are doing task A then task B and find yourself trying to do some impossible hybrid thereof. Went to take a cup into the kitchen a few evenings ago and return with a bottle of beer. Stopped myself putting the cup in…

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By Colin Bielckus / 29th March 2018 / 1 Comment

Thank God it’s Thursday? Well it is Easter and a few days vegetating never did anyone any harm… Not actually got anything planned. Lorraine is having a cataract operation as I write so it didn’t seem sensible to plan anything until we know how she has reacted to it. Sort of suck it and see I suppose. Dang – we need emojis on this platform! There is a temptation to see just how many sight jokes and puns I can do before my brain explodes but I can’t see the point of it really. Cringe. Die Tochter has come up trumps (can’t use that word without wanting to punch something – walls, windows, you know) with a plus one on a press trip she’s been…

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Quite a pleasant week so far

By Colin Bielckus / 22nd March 2018 / 0 Comments

Now I KNOW you don’t read this stuff for banal pleasantries but every now and again you do get a reasonably good time – random chance if nothing else… It would be so easy to be negative about this week. Pro bono assignments eating time, late evening functions and the like but sometimes those pro bono assignments give you such a warm fuzzy experience it makes it all worthwhile. The treasurer/chairman thing I mentioned last week continues and continues to eat time BUT apart from having to seriously disappoint someone’s expectations (legal advice precludes doing something we might have wanted to do), the time taken is starting to pay dividends and one of the other members of the senior management team has stepped up very…

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Fake’s suck!

By Colin Bielckus / 15th March 2018 / 1 Comment

And other spoonerisms… I am still too busy. That and the continuing saga from last week. Actually, the continuing saga from last week I haven’t got round to mentioning! I could have SWORN I had but it looks like I haven’t. It’s all very well donating time rather than money. You can give a lot to a worthwhile cause without having to part with the readies so, if said readies are not overabundant, it’s a good way of making a difference. However – and it is a BIG however – if said time starts to expand to take over one’s life, that probably wasn’t in the “job” description. I’m treasurer, no surprise there then. But following some unforeseeable health issues I’m also chairman. Having previously…

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