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"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

Business Growth Made Simple

Scaling up a small start-up business into a successful, sustainable and saleable company needs much more than a good idea. No matter how much passion you have for your business baby, it’s a fact that you’ll need expert guidance to help it grow up strong and healthy.

Many of our clients tell us that, before they found us, they felt that they were caught in a “Catch 22” scenario. They could not afford to employ a full-time finance director to help them grow their business, but without the aid of one, they knew they’d find it difficult to scale up their company. Thankfully, like you, they discovered the Outsourced Finance Director.

By working with you, on a part-time basis, I will help you make better decisions while simultaneously freeing up your time to focus on the bits of the business that you do best.

A wealth of financial and business experience

I bring a portfolio of relevant expertise to your business to help you scale up your business to the next phase. In a nutshell, my aim is to make myself redundant! I do this by helping your business grow to the point where it can easily afford to hire a talented, full-time, in-house management team.

I have been a chartered accountant for more than 30 years. I have served as interim financial director for several successful businesses and charities in and around Hampshire, and as a Non-Executive Director of a national business.

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Business growth needs appropriate management systems. I will advise you on the selection and implementation of easy to use online accounting systems that give you instant access to accurate data 24/7 x 365.

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Why waste valuable time searching for reliable experts and access to funding streams? As my client, you get access to my trusted network of specialist suppliers and funders. This will save you both time and money!

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I already have an accountant…

Most accountants are focused on Tax and Compliance. They analyse annual figures once a year to calculate your tax liabilities and produce a set of accounts to be filed with Companies House.

That’s all very well from a regulatory perspective it’s of little help with the day to day running of your business?

As the Outsourced Finance Director, I focus on real-time data. Analysing your month to month figures allows me to help you to respond to what is happening now, fine tuning your business to achieve your objectives in as short a time as possible.

And, if you don’t currently have the data, I will help you implement an accounting information system to provide it at the push of a button.

Think of me as your business guidance system. A financial “sat nav” that keeps your company on track.

I ask, and answer, those essential questions that are all too easy to avoid when you are doing it all by yourself.

  • Which of your products/services sell best and why?
  • Which products have the best margins?
  • Which of my customers cost me more money than they generate?
  • Is my cost control working?
  • How can I raise the finance I need to invest in my business’s future growth?

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Getting to grips with the financial side of your business as it grows, can be a huge challenge but is also something that you will, naturally, be very protective over.  If you'd like a free, confidential, no obligation consultation, use the button to get in touch.

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