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If you’re expecting a travelogue…

By Colin Bielckus / 28th September 2018 / Comments Off on If you’re expecting a travelogue…

… you probably won’t be disappointed. Travelogue through the holiday and the week so far maybe. So, as anticipated, there were few opportunities to blog while we were away. Not least because the daughter decided to do the itineraries. No issue with that, per se, but I’ve driven around five foreign road trips and she doesn’t drive. But anything for a bit of peace so we agreed we’d give it a go. The first thing to remember about road trips – certainly in the case of the USA – is the sheer bl00dy distances involved. The second is that, away from the Interstates and US roads, there’s not too much dual carriageway and the state of said roads can best be described as “variable” and occasionally…

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I’m not a robot – am I?

By Colin Bielckus / 30th August 2018 / Comments Off on I’m not a robot – am I?

To log in and write this I have to tick a box confirming I’m not a robot. But that got me thinking. Which is never normally a good idea but someone has to do it… How do I know I’m not a robot? I THINK I’m not a robot but maybe I’ve spent just tooooooooooooooo long watching The Matrix and similar films for my own good. Hence outbreak of existential angst, partly driven by the impending holiday break. What is it about holidays? I’m sure I’ve written about this before (maybe we live in a world designed by M C Escher?) and everywhere we go we go back to the beginning. Just older and maybe no wiser. Wow. That sentence is either very profound or…

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Procrastination revisited

By Colin Bielckus / 23rd August 2018 / Comments Off on Procrastination revisited

Inside my head is a big Domesday clock, ticking down to our holidays in a little over seven working days time and on a small piece of paper is my to do list. And I am doing my utmost to not do any of the urgent stuff – procrastination as an art form – because, let’s face it, most of the items there are NOT exciting… It’s a gift. To be honest, I’ve seriously looked at a lot of it to see if I can outsource it to someone else. In vain. And earlier today I raised my largest fee note for many years. Mind you – I have spent three years getting the task to fruition and normally I’d have made interim bills on…

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Burning the candle at both ends

By Colin Bielckus / 16th August 2018 / Comments Off on Burning the candle at both ends

is bad enough but when the candle starts burning in the middle you KNOW you’ve got it wrong. There is something mindbogglingly negative about starting the day at an 07.00 networking meeting knowing that the last appointment in the same day is at 19.30 – over twelve hours later… Especially now – half way through the afternoon – when all I want to do is have a nap but I’ve got the blog to write and a visit to the osteopath (like the garden path but slightly better for my back) to come. And I know that I won’t finish this until after my return. Ho hum. Highlight of my week It has to be said (or sad) – someone has told me that meeting…

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In the doghouse again

By Colin Bielckus / 9th August 2018 / Comments Off on In the doghouse again

Actually she hasn’t mentioned doghouse (or that I’m in it) but we blokes self-house (if there actually is such a thing) to save our spouses the bother… Have just got in, completely forgot she is going out tonight (actually not all that surprising, day-off Friday so a short week and waking up yesterday convinced it was Sunday probably didn’t help) although I AM told the daughter was aware but – as far as I recollect – didn’t remind me. (It’s in the diary (SHARED diary I might add (Wife))). S’life. And having just spent the last three hours in the pub with clients/contacts/daughter doesn’t automatically make it BUSINESS! It was (honest) but you get the drift… Dinner break It’s now another two hours later and…

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I’m NOT paranoid – the weenies really ARE out to get me!

By Colin Bielckus / 2nd August 2018 / Comments Off on I’m NOT paranoid – the weenies really ARE out to get me!

It’s been a bit of a quiet week really. Luckily because technology and me are having a serious falling out. But it’s not the software or hardware in the main this time. It’s the bl00dy people that have been driving me mad… completely paranoid. That said I’ve just spent nearly 75 minutes between sentence two and sentence three of the previous paragraph trying to get the laptop to decide it wants to play! Internet connection dropped out, keyboard ceased to work although the mouse was fine, eventually deciding that shutting everything down and rebooting was the only way forward – assuming I DIDN’T have to type anything on the way. Which luckily I didn’t but that’s a chunk of time I’ll never have again. No…

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Bugger – forgot

By Colin Bielckus / 27th July 2018 / Comments Off on Bugger – forgot

to write my blog yesterday. Forgetting is surprisingly easy to do with a default diary. Unless you have the discipline to move “fixed” items if something gets in the way… It was truly necessary to move the blog. An executorship which, for reasons I cannot mention, has lasted over three years is FINALLY reaching a conclusion. So shifting stuff to get that meeting was sufficiently high priority to accommodate. Yesterday morning was long distance networking – far side of Salisbury, best part of an hour there and longer back with an 06.00 start and an 05.00-ish get up. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling exceptionally with it on my return and what with a relatively short turnaround time before setting out to the executorship meeting…

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Software – can’t live with it, can’t live without it (2)

By Colin Bielckus / 19th July 2018 / Comments Off on Software – can’t live with it, can’t live without it (2)

S’true now as it ever was. Already used this title but that’s no reason not to use it again. Am “assisting” with transferring from this laptop to another, newer one. After all this time you’d THINK you’d be able to plug one into the other and everything of interest will move across. But no. Download all the software again. Find where all the p@55w0rds are hidden. It’s taken four hours here (and how ever long at their premises prior to that) and we’re welcoming them back again tomorrow to finish the install off. I can understand the bootlegging considerations. I can understand the security implications. But let’s be honest, it shouldn’t be beyond the wit of the hardware and software companies to get something sorted out. Should…

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They had a good run in the World Cup, didn’t they?

By Colin Bielckus / 12th July 2018 / Comments Off on They had a good run in the World Cup, didn’t they?

I’m seriously NOT a football supporter – and I have Celtic blood (Celtic pronounced with a “k”, not the Glaswegian football team) – but in the end, even I was sorry to see England lose 2-1 in extra time to Croatia. You’ll be able to tell I’m not a football supporter now from the next question. My vague recollection is that there are a number of good teams in South and Central America (and Mexico which is probably North). And yet we end up with four European teams in the semi-finals. Is that normal or not? The one thing I won’t miss is the chanting of a few years ago – “two world wars and one world cup” – because, if you hadn’t noticed, the…

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Enter title here

By Colin Bielckus / 5th July 2018 / Comments Off on Enter title here

thought I’d go with the one offered this time. Let’s start this week with jealousy. I’m definitely NOT, NOT, NOT jealous of the daughter. Never, never, never… She’s on her little cruise for a fortnight to the Norwegian fjords she was collected by chauffeur she has a sea view suite and the cruise company has paid her to do it! Not in the LEAST bit jealous. As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, it was lucky it wasn’t a plus one deal. Or not. The warm weather continues and I’m getting more and more eccentric the hotter it gets. Now the daily temperatures are consistently above 20C it’s the shorts that get an airing. And the legs. S’pose it goes without saying you do…

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