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Top ten Challenges – Processes. Do you have processes and procedures to monitor every aspect of your business? Are your staff following these procedures?

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I’ve asked Louisa Newport to talk about Processes from her perspective as a virtual PA (I’m one of her clients and very good she is too), and part of the national partner network SmartPA. Louisa started with SmartPA in November 2016 and provides a wide range of admin support to me, and a variety of…

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Droning on

Until recently droning on (and on) would have had connotations of boredom, the hum of bees’ wings and the chanter of the bagpipes. But times change and having gone through the intermediate stage of a method of killing baddies (or people with different views from you in any case) the humble drone is now a…

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Burning the candle at both ends

is bad enough but when the candle starts burning in the middle you KNOW you’ve got it wrong. There is something mindbogglingly negative about starting the day at an 07.00 networking meeting knowing that the last appointment in the same day is at 19.30 – over twelve hours later… Especially now – half way through…

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I had a great title but the gerbil ate it

I lie but it is a good excuse – schooldays memories and dreadfully inept excuses for not having done homework…. I DID have a super title but that was this morning, now is now and I’m bu99ered if I can remember what it was. I put it down in part to: Age. Short-term memory is…

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