The diary of an overworked accountant aged 61.75

The loneliness of the long distance blogger

By Colin Bielckus / 20th August 2015 / 0 Comments

It’s not very nice out there. Went for my lunchtime walk, came back soaked. I try and do a reasonable walk each day to keep the musculature working, try and get the heart working after a morning hunched over a computer screen. The walk is supposed to make me feel good. Nowhere did it mention the prospect of pneumonia… I’ve learned some things this week. Blogs for instance. Listened to a presentation by Clive Loseby of access by design about Google and Google rankings. Apparently I have to write posts of more than 350 words or else Google will not rank them. Useful to know, tedious if I haven’t got much to talk about! Life is so full of complications. Also discussed how to make…

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Another week, another post

By Colin Bielckus / 13th August 2015 / 0 Comments

So… First post done, tick. Time for another. What to talk about? Where do I want to position this blog? There are probably enough “boring” accountancy blogs out there without me merely adding to them – if it’s numbers and tax rates and things like that, there are pages and pages of them on my website. More than enough for the most discerning of readers! Sits agonising for a while staring at the screen. Doubly agonising as the spellchecker wants to be American and is refusing to to be happy with ‘s’ rather than ‘z’ in that word. There are two topics I would like to cover, both in the interests of education in its broadest sense and the way our new government is seeking…

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Do as I do, not as I say…

By Colin Bielckus / 7th August 2015 / 4 Comments

My first blog entry on my first blog. And it’s only taken me a little over six months to do it… My lovely daughter Penelope set this up for me towards the end of January and it has taken until today to stop procrastinating and do something. I was talking to my life coach earlier today and I was bemoaning the fact that said daughter had not sent me something from her sojourn in Honduras that could give rise to an income for the both of us. Then it suddenly struck me, just after the sarcastic text on WhatsApp for when she wakes up, that it was do as I say, not what I had done. The upshot of which is this – my first…

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