The diary of an overworked accountant aged 61.75

It really ought to be nap time

By Colin Bielckus / 21st June 2018 / Comments Off on It really ought to be nap time

If I don’t stop yawning soon I’m going to dislocate my jaw… Blame the evening gigs I suppose. Rotary event Tuesday evening and Town Council meeting last night. Approximately three and a half hours each which totals about an extra day in terms of doing rather than vegetating. I OUGHT to feel invigorated by Rotary – with the exception of this year’s president I’m almost a decade or more younger than everyone else which DOES make one feel like a naughty schoolboy so can feel just slightly weird… There are a number of them who I am regularly amazed are still alive but almost all without exception seem to take enjoying themselves very, very seriously! It’s rather like having to hang around with 25 dad-dancers…

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Back in the saddle – or flying carpet –

By Colin Bielckus / 14th June 2018 / Comments Off on Back in the saddle – or flying carpet –

and seriously sore… I’m afraid I didn’t get the opportunity to post last week or the week before. As I believe I mentioned, I was away with the daughter (similar to away with the pixies, but not) in Istanbul two weeks ago and on holiday in Nottingham last week. The first can also be assumed as holiday but it was full on, fully filled days from after breakfast to cocktails so – besides the Turkish bath and the Thai massage – there wasn’t a LOT of downtime in the stay. Mind you it was opulent. We stayed for two nights at MGallery by Sofitel – Galata Hotel Istanbul and I thought that was good. Marble bathrooms, in-house historic Turkish bath, rooftop bar with view over…

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Can’t… stop… yawning…

By Colin Bielckus / 17th May 2018 / Comments Off on Can’t… stop… yawning…

I’d normally say that – for a bloke anyway – I’m not bad at multitasking. But, having just laid aside my fourth complicated assignment of today to write this blog, I cannot stop bl00dy yawning! It feels like I’m going to dislocate my jaw. The eyes are streaming and it feels like I’ve a couple of corks up my nostrils. S’life. Four tasks, all different and only one I was able to see to a conclusion although the final one I’ve put down to do this so it could be finished later but realistically it’s more likely to lead to some residual queries and another strange symbol on the to do list to signify “awaiting client”. Which, of course, I will forget what it means…

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I had a great title but the gerbil ate it

By Colin Bielckus / 26th April 2018 / Comments Off on I had a great title but the gerbil ate it

I lie but it is a good excuse – schooldays memories and dreadfully inept excuses for not having done homework…. I DID have a super title but that was this morning, now is now and I’m bu99ered if I can remember what it was. I put it down in part to: Age. Short-term memory is getting dismal at times. I used to laugh at my mother and some of the daft things she used to do. But I’m getting there. Especially when you are doing task A then task B and find yourself trying to do some impossible hybrid thereof. Went to take a cup into the kitchen a few evenings ago and return with a bottle of beer. Stopped myself putting the cup in…

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