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Whither weather and whether it matters

Whither, weather, whether. Not sure that’s got anything to do with today’s ramblings but it will sure please the internal SEO for this post. Tempted to quit while I’m ahead… Wind is presently out of the east. Along with north, my least favourite quadrant weather-wise. I don’t do cold and I don’t do damp but…

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Staring at a blank screen

Blank screen, blank mind. I’m SURE I had a really wonderful idea for a post earlier – but I’m burgered if I can remember what it was… At least it’s the right day (so far) which is one up on the last couple of weeks for sure. Some “stuff” I do is remarkably tedious. At…

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Top ten Challenges – Processes. Do you have processes and procedures to monitor every aspect of your business? Are your staff following these procedures?

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I’ve asked Louisa Newport to talk about Processes from her perspective as a virtual PA (I’m one of her clients and very good she is too), and part of the national partner network SmartPA. Louisa started with SmartPA in November 2016 and provides a wide range of admin support to me, and a variety of…

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Networking or notworking

Networking. At least I’m my own boss so I don’t have to achieve any metrics to show whether it’s “profitable” or not… It’s easy to look upon networking as a “jolly” and a good excuse not to work. Especially lunchtime when your business or employer pays for both direction’s travel time. It’s why I’m only…

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