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Software-d. Again

Software and computers. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Sigh. This almost didn’t get written this week (and? I hear you cry. Might even have been a positive!). Earlier in the week I had a major “issue” with my antivirus product. Soon after a Webex-style interaction with my main accounting system software support…

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What to talk about this week?

What to talk about indeed. Still a head full of man flu this week. And trying to squeeze in writing this along with software demos, networking events and the odd bit of work if all else fails… To be honest the man flu is doable as long as there’s something to keep the brain cell in…

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Man flu again

Man flu. Can you even call it that when the wife goes down with it first? Firstly apologies for nothing last week – (i) we were away and (ii) man flu… Lorraine took time off work last week. On its own not an earth shattering statement but that woman just doesn’t take a sickie. Previous…

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