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I’m not a robot – am I?

To log in and write this I have to tick a box confirming I’m not a robot. But that got me thinking. Which is never normally a good idea but someone has to do it… How do I know I’m not a robot? I THINK I’m not a robot but maybe I’ve spent just tooooooooooooooo…

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Procrastination revisited

Inside my head is a big Domesday clock, ticking down to our holidays in a little over seven working days time and on a small piece of paper is my to do list. And I am doing my utmost to not do any of the urgent stuff – procrastination as an art form – because,…

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Burning the candle at both ends

is bad enough but when the candle starts burning in the middle you KNOW you’ve got it wrong. There is something mindbogglingly negative about starting the day at an 07.00 networking meeting knowing that the last appointment in the same day is at 19.30 – over twelve hours later… Especially now – half way through…

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In the doghouse again

Actually she hasn’t mentioned doghouse (or that I’m in it) but we blokes self-house (if there actually is such a thing) to save our spouses the bother… Have just got in, completely forgot she is going out tonight (actually not all that surprising, day-off Friday so a short week and waking up yesterday convinced it…

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Top Ten Challenges – Sensible Decision Making

Time and Money

For this challenge I’ve turned to Gavin Meikle. I’ve known Gavin for a number of years. His mission is to transform the way people communicate in order to build a happier, more effective and more sustainable world. Communication, or rather a lack of it, is the root cause of most conflicts, be they commercial or…

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I’m NOT paranoid – the weenies really ARE out to get me!

It’s been a bit of a quiet week really. Luckily because technology and me are having a serious falling out. But it’s not the software or hardware in the main this time. It’s the bl00dy people that have been driving me mad… completely paranoid. That said I’ve just spent nearly 75 minutes between sentence two…

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