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It’s a lot less bovver with a hover

Hovercraft that is… What a day so far – and what a contrast to yesterday. Yesterday’s highlights included four hours rebuilding a spreadsheet (actually more like two hours rebuilding and two hours wandering around muttering while I tried to get my head around why it wasn’t agreeing with the number I first thought of in…

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It really ought to be nap time

If I don’t stop yawning soon I’m going to dislocate my jaw… Blame the evening gigs I suppose. Rotary event Tuesday evening and Town Council meeting last night. Approximately three and a half hours each which totals about an extra day in terms of doing rather than vegetating. I OUGHT to feel invigorated by Rotary…

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Back in the saddle – or flying carpet –

and seriously sore… I’m afraid I didn’t get the opportunity to post last week or the week before. As I believe I mentioned, I was away with the daughter (similar to away with the pixies, but not) in Istanbul two weeks ago and on holiday in Nottingham last week. The first can also be assumed…

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