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Top Ten Challenges – Feast and Famine – The stop-start cycles that can break your business and drive you to despair!

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For this challenge I’ve turned to Kevin Sheldrake. I’ve known Kevin for a number of years. He is a Certified Management Consultant specialising in solopreneur and small business marketing, differentiation and scaling and founder owner of The Boardroom Advisory. We are both inveterate networkers… Kevin Sheldrake is managing director of The Boardroom. Their website describes the…

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Where did THAT week go?

Don’t know what I’ve done to myself. Seriously sore spine and neck which is making typing this less than comfortable. Sigh… Actually I probably do as it’s a convergence of a number of matters which, of themselves, would probably amount to nothing but, as we are all told, the whole is greater than the sum…

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