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The asymmetrical output of reality

Sigh. Holiday over. First the anticipation. Then it’s over… Not fair really. Weeks of anticipation (and frustration as no time to plan what can be done upon arrival) then two weeks of activity (give or take the demon stomach bugs of getting off the heavily beaten tourist track) then return and within a day or…

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Positive procrastination

With many thanks to Kevin Sheldrake for promising NOT to use the expression as a title before I got round to it… Which – if you think about it – is both positive and depends on me NOT procrastinating. But it came up in conversation earlier this week and he remarked that it sounded just…

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What are The Top Ten Challenges for Growing Businesses?

Top Ten Business Challenges

I’ve been in business for more years than I care to remember and after a while you get to spot the same issues coming around time and time again. Coming from an accountancy background those issues are often financial but, of course, the majority of business issues cut across most, if not all, areas of…

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Coaching, Emotional Intelligence and Accountancy

Simon Bowes of People Intelligence

Testimonial for Colin Bielckus – Avenue Business Services Hello, my name is Simon Bowes and together with my wife Maureen, we run a Fareham based micro-business called People Intelligence. We are a coaching company specialising in the application of Emotional Intelligence to leaders and teams, particularly in the world of education. Colin Bielckus has been our…

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