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Just time for a quickie?

A recurrent theme of these posts is time or lack of time or time management or lack thereof… Best laid plans, etc. Booked the slot in the diary for the blog, an hour as usual set on recurrent and here I am 35 minutes into that hour with a whole fifty words to my credit…

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Where did the time go?

Well, that didn’t work then – I became a little busy last Thursday. Needed to fit a visit to a new client in, moved the appointment entry in my diary for blogging, went for a one-to-one meeting with a colleague and seriously overran (allowed an hour, took two and a half), back with the best…

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It’s my turn!

Talking to HMRC can be a bit of a lottery, sometimes you get a good one, most times you don’t… Today, it was my turn for the good one – YAY!!! For which I am very grateful. With the best will in the world, put a tax return into HMRC with a repayment due and…

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